Diagnostics Package with James, followed by a session with Bev.

Just to let you know James has only recently starting doing a diagnostics session via phone with people who have attended the seminar and want additional support finding your ‘Buckets of Prawns’.

Why would you want this?

Are you struggling to stay on the Brisvegas Express and get to your goal weight? Are you sabotaging yourself?
Did you do really well following the seminar, then deviated and find it difficult to get back onto the program no matter how hard you try?
Are you struggling to find the events from the past that are still affecting you? Have you got any physical, mental and emotional problems that are not being resolved?
Have you got a chronic illness or pain?
Do you suffer from anxiety and or depression? Do you suffer from P.T.S.D?

As James mentions at the seminar, stress causes illness, which is well acknowledged by the medical profession. Weight gain and the inability to lose weight is also a reaction to stress – the stresses result from our opinions of the events we experienced in the past, or current ongoing situations.

The purpose of the diagnostics phone call with James is for him to help you uncover your ‘buckets of prawns’, the events that are causing your Unconscious Mind to react and protect your physical body.

The diagnostics phone call with James is always very enlightening. His thorough & unique way of questioning, pulling what seems like random/unrelated pieces of information together, and his fantastic ability of thinking outside the square means you will have a list of events/beliefs etc that can then be addressed.

Once you have the list of events your ‘buckets of prawns’ as identified by James, the second phone call is with Bev.

Bev (our Snr coach and very experienced & qualified Hypnotherapist) will work in conjunction with you via a Guided Coaching Homework Session to release these ‘buckets of prawns’, dealing with the events. As we all know Step one, pin pointing the specific events and your opinions is the most critical step in the process. Then getting the closure on them will allow your Unconscious Mind to stop reacting to the stresses.

So what do you need to know:

To book a Diagnostic Package:

To book an appointment for the Diagnostics package with James and Bev please call the office on 0421 075 175 and Fiona will be able to book you in.

The phone appointment with James will be first, followed by the phone appointment with Bev on a separate day, (it’s best to have both calls within 7-10 days of each other) Both phone call times are booked at time of payment.

James is available: Mon, Tue, Wed 7am or 11am (depending on availability)
Bev is available: Tue, Wed, Thur 9.30am or 2.30pm (depending on availability)

Once you have booked an appointment we will send you some additional information in preparation for the appointments.


$660 Diagnostics Package:
Diagnostics with James via phone (up to 90mins) please allow 2 hours and
Guided Coaching Homework session with Bev (up to 2 hrs)


Payment is made at the time of booking the appointment via credit card or bank transfer.

If you would like to discuss this service, please feel free to call Fiona on 0421 075 175 and we are happy to answer any questions or make your booking. We look forward to hearing from you.