Live: “Mindset Reset Seminar” Inc Bonus Podcasts worth $220!!! Sat 4th May/Sun 5th May 9-5pm


If you still want to lose weight & regain the mindset & good results you had following the original seminar then the MINDSET RESET is for YOU!!!

Curious about the Mindset Reset Seminar Live on line?  

What’s the benefit of attending a Mindset Reset seminar? To get back on the Brisvegas Express!

  • To be get re-motivated, re-energised and focused back to achieving your goals
  • You want to restart your weight loss journey (which is more than just picking up the food plan) and/or 
  • You want to get reinvigorated to finish your weight loss with a strong enthusiasm and focus.  
  • To get your positive mindset back
  • To get a more thorough appreciation and understanding of the program so you can put it all together to get the phenomenal results you know are achievable.
  • To get back on the Brisvegas Express and stay there until you reach your goal!!!

What’s different about Mindset Reset compared to the original seminar?

  • Every one has done the original seminar and program
  • Group size is small (which is why it’s Live online via zoom meetings)
  • Interaction level is quite high (if you wish to engage)
  • Every question you have will be answered
  • You get to really identify what brought you unstuck. This in itself in enlightening, as it’s often far more than you originally think, and you’ll see you’re not alone.
  • You are given time to do specific exercises – hugely beneficial!
  • We have a new segment that specifically focused on ‘current daily stresses and how to deal with them’

Why are the exercises important?

  • Knowing why you de-railed, sets you up for success.
  • You identify a broader range of issues within your mind that were potentially overlooked.
  • It’s beneficial hearing other peoples answers, as they often resonate with you and allow you to broaden your mindset.
  • Your goals and desires (not just for weight loss) become far more meaningful and as a result, more non negotiable to you. This then drives your motivation and commitment.

What can you expect?

  • 2 days of dedicated engagement live online via Zoom meetings.
  • Quick overview of the original seminar, the important stories, emphasising the key points – which are often overlooked or inadvertently missed. 
  • Concepts clarified and entire program tied together.
  • Expansion of the critically important aspects.
  • Increased comprehension and understanding of the mind/reactions.
  • Regain feeling of being re-motivated, re-energised and focused.
  • Be far more relaxed, knowing you can get to your goal, whether that be weight loss or taking control of your mind/reactions by following the bouncing ball, and 
  • Appreciate that this really is a life long learning and practical experience.

How does this work?

  • James presents in the same manner as he did at the original seminar, he is able to move/pace to ensure you have that ability to focus far more easily.  
  • We have a huge TV screen on the wall that James can see everyone (which is another reason to keep the group size relatively small)
  • You are able to speak with James throughout the weekend and have every question you have answered.
  • On Sunday afternoon we do a new mediation, you are free to lay on your bed or couch – helps you get very comfortable, without the distractions.


May 4/5th 2024 – don’t delay as numbers are limited

Sat & Sun: 9-5pm both days

On the Saturday we stay online after 5pm for James to run through your specific ‘buckets of prawns’ that relate to specific medical issues eg knees, migraines, shoulders, hips  We leave this part to the end of the day so those not interested or have to leave, can.

Our zoom etiquette/requirement is:

    • Please use your real name (First name and initial of surname) – no aliases.
    • Your camera needs to be on and your face clearly visible, well lit.
    • You need to be in a private setting so James can speak freely and have an assurance that only those on the zoom call (in attendance) can hear the meeting.
    • Please ensure you have a headset or ear buds in so background noise is kept to a minimum
  • The reasons these are very important to James is that it’s an open meeting and it’s his expectation that everyone is attendance is honest and forthright.

How to book:

If you are interested in booking into the May 4/5th 2024 Mindset Reset don’t delay as numbers are limited.

Bookings close at 5.30pm Mon 29th April if not sold out prior and the Zoom link will be sent via email by 9am Fri 3rd May

This purchase is for the Live Mindset Reset Seminar, it is not transferrable or refundable.

The upcoming Mindset Reset also has the bonus of getting access to the Entire Podcast Pack included with the Mindset Reset which is $220 value 

You can book in by purchasing this product now…

If you are interested, don’t delay!!!

As James said “With a positive mindset, success is assured.  When you lose your mindset… failure is guaranteed!  This is why the patterns of thought are SO important. It’s not just a nifty concept it’s absolutely critical… “  Let’s get you back on the Brisvegas Express so you can live the life you dream and deserve!

We are looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming Mindset Reset, to get your journey to Brisvegas reinvigorated and heading in the right direction

Fiona Spencer, James Duncan & Michelle

(The Team)


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