Live: “Stress Busters” A Shortcut from Crappy to Happy! Tue 14th & Wed 15th May 6.30pm-9pm


Stress Busters… A Shortcut from Crappy to Happy

Sometimes life really sucks… Some days seem to suck worse than others. 

Are any of these doing your head in?

    • Work
    • Finances
    • Relationships
    • Parents
    • Kids
    • Health

These on-going challenges can seem un-fix-able. Just coping with them can be all consuming and soul destroying…


There really is a better way…

Join us for our ’STRESS BUSTERS’ Program. You‘ll see the mind tools from our original two day seminar in a totally new, incredibly practical & amazingly useful light. You’ll discover how the focus of your attention determines your state of mind, and become empowered to change it!

You’ll not only learn how to, but also be able to:

  • Re-direct your mind from: Doom & gloom, overwhelm & failure… Crappy… to positive, empowered, calm & …Happy!
  • Quieten that noisy voice in your head that just won’t shut up!
  • Achieve mind silence in minutes… not years!

You’ll also learn new ways of responding to life’s daily challenges, frustrations, irritations…

You’ll understand how and why your mind can, and does, run you ragged… Plus what you can do about it!

You’ll get “Fairdinkum” practical tools to empower you mentally and emotionally. Tools you can use every single day for the rest of your life!

If you’ve had enough and want “A Better Way”… this is for you. 

Join us on 14/15th May live online 6.30pm – 9pm $249


If you are new to our Zoom calls, you may find this helpful:

There are a few things that James insists on for all our live on-line calls:

1. Please use your real name (First name & initial of surname) – no alias’s

2. Your camera needs to be on, your face well lit & clearly visible.

3. You need to be in a private setting so James can speak freely and have an assurance that only those on the zoom call (in paid attendance) can hear/see the meeting.

4.  Please ensure you have a headset or ear plugs in so background noise is kept to a minimum.

The reasons these are very important to James is that it’s an open meeting and it’s his expectation that everyone is attendance is honest and forthright.

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