Mindset Reset Seminar – Sept 9/10th or October 21/22nd


Mindset Reset Seminars – only for people who have already attended the first seminar.

When: Dates for Mindset Reset Seminars – 2023

    • 9/10th September     Limited seats!
    • 21/22nd October.     Limited seats! Last one for 2023

Why would this be of interest?

You are still on the Brisvegas Express and getting towards your goal and want to finish strong, to set yourself up for success once you complete Post Hibernation

You loved the mind component of the original seminar and want more.

You have originally done well with the program and due to stress and worries, you are struggling to get motivated and stick with the program.


If ever there was a time that would make weight loss a challenge, it’s been the past few years! How was it for you? If you are currently struggling,

Did you manage to:

    • keep your mind safe in the ‘here and now’, or 
    • did you find yourself bombarded by reasons to ‘worry’, and 
    • as a result regained some, or all of the weight you managed to lose? or
    • Are you continuing on with your weight loss but it’s slowing down?

Did you go straight back to the eating patterns of the program, but to your absolute horror found that you just couldn’t stick with the program? 

Did the program work initially… but then mysteriously stopped working? 

This is becoming a more common problem and can be directly traced back to the impact of… worry! 

2020-2023 inclusive provided many opportunities to… worry. 

But what about 2023 as it continues? 

Have you decided that you are going to give it another go? 

That’s fantastic… but I want to remind you that;

    • it’s far more about the mind aspects of the program, not just about the food… 
    • If you want any chance of success, you need to re-acquire your mindset. 

How are you going to do that? 

Easy, attend our “Mindset Reset” seminar… 

It is not a ‘repeat’ of the first seminar, it’s purpose is to:

    • put you back into the mindset required to get the results you want, and 
    • give you a much deeper understanding of the role your mind takes in causing weight gain, and 
    • more effective strategies to help you stop inadvertently thwarting yourself. 

When you understand and appreciate the importance of prioritising and protecting your mindset:

    • It helps you relax with the process of learning to lose weight.
    • You accept that it takes time to master the mind.
    • You become more aware of your reactions to things in life.
    • You acknowledge that it’s truly beneficial to continue this self development, mind training.
    • That it’s unreasonable to expect you can master your mind with the first attempt as it’s quite complex, and trying to deal with ever changing situations.
    • Just like a muscle, the more practice, refinement and training you do, the better and more efficient it operates.

That’s why the Mindset reset is so beneficial, not just to reinvigorate your weight loss, but is one of the most important components that can change your entire life.

Are you interested?

Do you want to get serious for the rest of 2023?

When: Dates for Mindset Reset Seminars – 2023

    • 9/10th September     Limited seats!
    • 21/22nd October.     Limited seats! Last one for 2023
    • If you’d like us to keep you informed of upcoming dates for the Mindset Reset, please email office@riverinahypnotherapy.com.au and let us know.  As soon as we set more dates we’ll email you.


We run this seminar Live on line via zoom meeting, as we want to keep the group size relatively small to ensure increased interaction and allow you the chance to ask whatever questions you have (remembering that it’s still a public forum).  This would not be viable at a venue.

We have found this approach works really well as you are in the comfort of your own home. 

Our zoom etiquette/requirements are:

    • Please use your real name (use your first name and initial of surname) – no aliases.
    • Your camera needs to be on and your face clearly visible, well lit.
    • You need to be in a private setting so James can speak freely and have an assurance that only those on the zoom call (in attendance) can hear the meeting.
    • Please ensure you have a headset or noise cancelling headphones in so background noise is kept to a minimum

James still presents in the same manner as he did at the original seminar, he is able to move/pace to ensure you have that ability to focus far more easily.  We have a huge TV screen on the wall that James can see everyone (which is another reason to keep the group size relatively small)

It’s helpful to set yourself up like you were attending the original seminar at good table and chair – this helps you drill your focus into the screen.  We run a few written exercises that are designed to help you go deeper with your experience, your desires etc as this helps you move forward.

When we do a few mediations, especially a new one on the Sunday afternoon, you are free to lay on your bed or couch – helps you get very comfortable, without the distractions.


    • If you already have the book ‘Your memories are making you fat’ the cost is $535, 
    • If you don’t have the book, the price is $590 and we’ll post you the book.
    • If it helps, you can pay 50% deposit and the balance 1 week prior to your seminar.

How to Book:

Call Fiona on 0421 075 175 and she will make it happen for you.

Hopefully we will see you for a Mindset Reset soon.