Sunflower Meditation (45 mins)


Sunflower Meditation (45 mins)

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This is an active mediation which is fantastic for those on-going situations where it appears challenging to feel love for those involved. 

Remember that love comes in many forms: kindness, caring, respect, compassion, honesty, generosity…

Every interaction with someone will either open your heart or close your heart – they are the only 2 options.

And as the meditation progresses James asks questions for you to consider. He explains ‘that which is not love… is fear. Ultimately there are only 2 emotions….Love and Fear.’

He is helping you transcend karma, and stop all that crap…stop history repeating so you can live a peaceful calm loving life.

This is how the meditation starts:

Get calm… allow your body to relax…

I wonder if you can call to mind a time when you felt a GENUINE honest appreciation for someone or something

Maybe it was a person…maybe a little baby.

You looked at the baby in the bassinet and had this wonderful, genuine, honest appreciation for that little baby.

Maybe it was a thing, maybe it was something as simple as a yellow flower… a sunflower, we’ve all seen sunflowers before. 

Focus on looking at that flower as best as you possibly can… and as that image of that flower fills your awareness, become aware of that flower.

I wonder what it would feel like, to simply choose to open your heart and just… open hearted…as you look at that flower.


And at the end of the Sunflower Meditation James brings you back to being awake and finishes off with a line or two of guidance.  

Enjoy..most people absolutely love this and find it very beneficial. It really is life changing and you may find that you start using the image of a sunflower in your communications.

You get 2 versions for the price of one, one with the music bed and one without the music.

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