What’s your plan for Xmas?


This was a zoom call recorded specifically to give you ideas for how to prepare for Christmas.

What’s your plan for Xmas? Many people are starting to ‘worry’ about how best to handle the Xmas season, should I stay in Hibernation? Should I start in Post Hibernation to lock my weight in? Should I just see how it goes on the day? Should I …?

Oh no… Not sure what to do.. How best to handle this?

James took some clients pre submitted questions and grouped them to ensure he could cover off:

Binges, small, medium and large

Stress about family, visiting or not visiting

Leftovers, cravings and so much more…

It makes for a great watch and it is using the Zoom recording unedited.


Length: 74mins

Original call: 2nd Nov 2022

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