Zoom call Live:Wed 2nd Nov-Free Q&A. What’s your plan for Xmas? Send us your questions and James will answer them live


Zoom call Live: Wed 2nd Nov-Free Q&A.

(Limited seats.. You will need to ‘purchase’ this product for $0.00 to be on our list. We will send the zoom link at 6pm on 2nd Nov. Then it’s the first 100 people onto the call, seats are limited)

What’s your plan for Xmas? Many people are starting to ‘worry’ about how best to handle the Xmas season, should I stay in Hibernation? Should I start in Post Hibernation to lock my weight in? Should I just see how it goes on the day? Should I …?

Oh no… Not sure what to do.. How best to handle this?

Email your questions for this call to office@riverinahypnotherapy.com.au prior to Wed 2nd Nov 9am and James will answer them.  If we get a few on the same scenario – we will group them in order to answer as many as possible different questions – it’s bound to be a great chat with the purpose of helping you set your plan. With the intention of seeing you come out the other side for Xmas doing minimal damage and being able to re-commit to yourself and the program. It really is a mind thing!!!

NOTE: As this is a free call and more people book in and never turn up, the first 100 people signed into zoom, in waiting room at 6.55pm Wed 2nd Nov will enter the meeting.

This ‘purchase’ is for the Live Wed call/meeting, it is not transferrable or refundable, as it’s $0.00.

Bookings close at 5.00pm Wed 2nd Nov and the Zoom link will be sent via email by 6pm night of the call (Wed 2nd Nov)

No entry is allowed after the set start time. This call is limited to the first 100 people onto the call, your booking does not guarantee your seat – you need to be in the first 100 people logged into the zoom meeting/waiting room.

If you are new to our Zoom calls, you may find this helpful:

There are a few things that James insists on for all our live on-line calls:

1. Please use your real name (First name & initial of surname) – no alias’s

2. Your camera needs to be on, your face well lit & clearly visible.

3. You need to be in a private setting so James can speak freely and have an assurance that only those on the zoom call (in attendance) can hear/see the meeting.

4.  Please ensure you have a headset or ear plugs in so background noise is kept to a minimum.

5. Please do not use virtual backgrounds.

The reasons these are very important to James is that it’s an open meeting and it’s his expectation that everyone is attendance is honest and forthright.

We look forward to sharing the Wednesday night with you…as we all gain insights from James every time he speaks…

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