Zoom Call: We are taking a few weeks off back Wed 3rd Nov

We are taking a few weeks off, we’ll be back Wed 3rd Nov

We are preparing for taking the seminars online via zoom due to the pressures of covid19. It’s technically and mentally very challenging as we are not prepared to compromise on the standard of presentation and our professionalism.  This will benefit everyone in the long run and allow us to grow internationally.

We will be back on Wed 3rd Nov 7.30pm – stay tuned for the topic and booking online.

Use this week to practice what James has spoken about over the last few weeks, stop and ask yourself ‘What have I been thinking? What was the dominant feeling? and refocus for the next hour.

Remember that every interaction is either an expression of love or a request for love.  Love is all the positive emotions that open your heart and make you want to feel more connected to someone, like: Trust, honesty, caring, respect, friendship, kindness, compassion, generosity and gratitude.

James also mentioned that when you are Powerful, your Parrots are powerless.  When you are Powerless, your Parrots are Powerful...That’s why it’s so important to be aware of your thought processes and deal with the negative, repetitive thoughts we repeat to ourselves adnauseam. Stop and become aware of what you are saying to yourself and ask that every important question, Is that True?

See you Wed 3rd Nov.  Enjoy the break and Stay Safe.

James, Bev, Fiona and the iShrink.me Team