Re-attending the 2 day seminar.

This is a special offer for those who have already attended the 2 day seminar.

Did you find that after attending the 2 day seminar you felt fantastic?
Did you feel motivated and enthused?
Did you love the information presented by James but as time has gone by it’s become a bit vague and distant?
Did you feel that there was information overload and you didn’t absorb as much as you’d liked?

Well, Good News! If you have previously attended the 2 day seminar and found it very beneficial but since then life has gotten in the way, you may like to re-attend the seminar at a discounted price.

The benefits of doing this are: you will hear the information again from the point of view where you are now, which is very different from when you first attended. You already know that weight loss is far more than just eating the right food, it’s all about the mind and how we deal with past and current stresses. You are likely to be able to hear the stories and information from a different view point and fill in the gaps from before. It acts like a reset to your unconscious mind and refreshes all the components of the program. Below are some comments from people who chose to recently re-attend and found the experience very beneficial and everyone has been very glad they came back.


$660 ($109 discount)

How to book:

These discounted seats are only available by calling the office on 0421 075 175 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm


These discounted seats are available at our Wagga event. Other venues depending on availability and capacity.

The comments below have been provided by some of the people who have recently decided to re-attend the seminar:

Q. What were your reasons for participating last weekend? What were you hoping to gain?

Kerry’s feedback:
I needed a reset, Covid, life and time meant that I couldn’t get the focus back.

Tony’s feedback:
I found that the need arose as I was back to old eating habits caused by stress. I just couldn’t control my urges and having increased my weight by 14 kg’s above the maintenance weight I was concerned that the trajectory would continue and all the hard work was wasted.
I felt that attending the seminar was necessary to realign and reset my mind.

Kate’s feedback:
The program was a complete success for me last time. I lost the weight and was thrilled with my new self. However life caught up with me. 2020 was really hard for me, as (specific personal info withheld for privacy reasons) personal stresses were re-experienced. I reverted to old habits of comfort eating and a negative mind space. I put all the weight back on and couldn’t get back into the right mind space. I thought doing the seminar again might snap me back there – and it did!

Q. What were your thoughts after attending the 2nd seminar? Did you feel that you gained additional insight?

Tony’s feedback:
Firstly the seminar provided the reset I required. It allowed me to:

  1. Think deeper about what James was saying. Take notes that were reflective and relevant with steps to take post seminar.
  2. Pick up a lot that I either missed or forgot from the first seminar. Some of these insights were crucial:
  3. Understand the role that “food” plays in this journey – listed 5 points.

Jo’s feedback:
I am so pleased I attended the weekend again. I heard things differently, I absorbed more of what James was speaking about. I came away with a clear picture of the program.

Kate’s feedback:
Yes, absolutely. I knew I would. I had new stressors to deal with. On the Saturday night I concentrated on the issues that had developed since the last seminar. It was very helpful. I am now in the zone and have lost two kilos in two days. I feel positive and that I can do it all again.There were many things I had forgotten and a couple that maybe I hadn’t seen before.

Jenny’s feedback:
After attending the seminar for a second time I felt the focus for me altered. After the first seminar my focus was completely on the food. I had forgot about breathing, Prawns and parrots.

Q. Do you feel it was beneficial attending the 2nd time? If so why? If not, please let us know why?

Tony’s feedback:
Absolutely beneficial. The best thing I have done. For the reasons described above. I am really managing my urges and stress much better.

Susan’s feedback
The second seminar was awesome. I feel that it is going to save my life. I realise I have a long way to go but you have taught me strategies to deal with my traumas first and foremost and in turn I will lose weight. The weight loss is an added bonus.

Josephine’s feedback:
Yes, Yes and Yes. For all the reasons above. Ensuring you remain in the right head space is very important. Remembering why we attended in the first place and why it’s so important to continue the journey.

If you’d like to book to re-attend the 2 day seminar please feel free to call the office on 0421 075 175 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and we will happily book you in.