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Invitation to participate 

in our

Spontaneous Remission Study

You may recall at the seminar, I asked the question “Have you heard it said that stress causes illness?” I then followed up with the incredibly logical statement “Different forms of stress manifest as different types of illness.” I then drew your attention to the fact that obesity is classified by the scientific and medical professions as a “Chronic illness”…. The word “chronic” infers that it is incurable. A “chronic illness” may well be manageable, but is not “curable”, otherwise it wouldn’t be called a chronic illness!

There are many different forms of chronic health conditions that seem incurable. Some of the more extreme examples are considered life threatening, potentially even terminal, Motor Neurone Disease is just one example I used at the seminar; whilst others range from extremely debilitating through to merely being annoying or frustrating, but hardly life-threatening; Mariette and her paralysed hand was another example used at the seminar.

The point I was bringing to your attention was the provable fact the unconscious mind controls the physical body, and when the ‘stresses that caused the illness’ are identified and released, the illness itself simply vanishes. The scientific term for this phenomena is “Spontaneous Remission” The word ‘spontaneous’ means the ‘healing’ seems to happen on its own accord without a ’cause’… It just happens, and can’t be explained, at least not in a scientifically acceptable manner. Whilst the word ‘remission’ indicates the course the illness was expected to take (the prognosis) suddenly reverses, or even vanishes… the patient gets better unexplainably.

I disagree with the notion that a ‘Spontaneous Remission’ is unexplainable. I spent the majority of the first day of the seminar not only explaining how ‘stress causes illness’ but also sharing what’s required to get rid of the stress; the cause of the illness, and thereby experience a ‘spontaneous remission’. Your goal when you attended the seminar was merely to lose weight; our goal for you was to explain the weight problem, provide the understanding and the mental tools to resolve the problem, and all going well, help you experience a spontaneous remission from any other chronic health conditions that may have been an issue for you.  

Many people who have attended the seminars in the past have reported that they have noticed many long standing health issues seemed to mysteriously vanish and cease to be a problem. They don’t usually view this as a spontaneous remission, they just think it was the result of the eating patterns of the program, or the result of losing weight. They don’t realise the awesome power of the homework exercise, their own intention, nor their Superconscious Mind.

Fiona and myself want to prove beyond doubt that spontaneous remissions are achievable by anyone… not just for people with a life threatening illness, but those who also suffer from more mundane, everyday, but none-the-less debilitating, chronic health conditions of all descriptions. We have decided to undertake an independent research project, and you are invited to participate!

Our goal is to accumulate enough statistically relevant case studies to prove to any reasonable person that different forms of stressful memories and their associated emotional reactions, do in fact result in different forms of illness, and the homework process I shared with you at the seminar provides the means to cause a ‘spontaneous remission’… though I should point out that there is nothing ‘spontaneous’ about the whole process. It’s a very deliberate technique that could effectively and genuinely be described as “Practical Forgiveness” Its very practical in-so-far as it actually works, and it is ‘Forgiveness’ because we are ‘for-giving away’ our perceptions that resulted in the feelings that then set about disturbing the autonomic nervous system, which then manifested as physical, mental, or emotional illness: Hopefully you will remember me explaining that at the seminar.

Here’s the deal: If you, or anyone you know, is currently suffering from a chronic health condition, and are willing to participate in our ‘spontaneous remission’ study, we would love to hear from you.

I am open to anyone with any form of chronic health condition. No one is excluded. Having said that, the forms of chronic health conditions I am particularly interested in are things like Fibromyalgia, period pain, PCOS, endometriosis, type 1 diabetes, cancer, chronic pain, migraines, high blood pressure… Normal everyday illnesses that are ruining the lives of normal everyday people!

I fully expect a very high success rate. It’s our intention for every participant to experience a spontaneous remission from whatever illness they are struggling with. If you would like more information, pick up the phone and call Fiona on 0421 075 175. She will outline the study/research project as a whole, and what you can expect. She will also answer any other questions you may have.

Here are some additional details:


Riverina Hypnotherapy has undertaken to conduct an independent research project. The objective is to prove that what is often referred to as a ‘spontaneous remission’ is in fact, understandable, achievable and repeatable, for a wide range of ongoing, debilitating, and/or potentially life threatening chronic health conditions.

The spontaneous remission  research project/study has a number of goals. The primary goal is to acquire enough statistically relevant data to prove that our memories of past emotionally challenging experiences can, and do, result in health conditions that often appear to be beyond the scope of currently available medical treatment options.

The second goal is to verify that people currently suffering from the same ‘form’ of ailment have all experienced the same, or very similar emotional reactions to challenging experiences in the past. Experiences that are no longer in their conscious awareness (memories) and have not been associated with; or recognised as, either 

A) Causing physical illness and/or 

B) Preventing recovery and thereby resulting in an ongoing, debilitating and potentially life threatening chronic illness.

Additionally, our intention is to clearly define and document the necessary steps required to achieve a remission from chronic physical health conditions, thereby empowering others to self-heal through;

A) Understanding the mental and emotional processes involved, and 

B) Pro-actively using the various aspects of their own mind to achieve remission from the illness.

The primary question the study intends to answer:

“Is it possible to consciously and deliberately cause/induce a spontaneous remission from a chronic or terminal physical health ailment? This would thereby render ongoing medication or medical/surgical intervention completely unnecessary. 

If this is in fact possible; can it be replicated in a large number of individuals all suffering from the same or very similar illness?”

Obviously, from my point of view, I already am fully aware of the answer to that question: Yes, of course you can consciously and deliberately induce a spontaneous remission. The general public and the scientific and medical communities are largely completely unaware of this fact however. So, we have taken it on as our responsibility to help as many people as we can by bringing this simple yet profoundly important information to their awareness. However, we need enough evidence and case studies to prove the hypothesis, which is the main reason for undertaking this research project.


Stress causes illness. Therefore, stress is the cause whilst illness is the effect.

Different forms of stress cause different forms/types of illness.

Past experiences are stored in the unconscious mind as memories. 

The feelings (emotional reaction) resulting from individual perceptions of past stressful experiences (memories) are also stored in the unconscious mind as a component of those memories.

The emotional reaction resulting from the individual perceptions, causes a corresponding reaction in the autonomic nervous system.

The manner in which the autonomic nervous system reacts is directly responsible for, and manifests as, physical, mental, and/or emotional illness.

Therefore, a remission from a physical ailment can be ‘deliberately induced’ by:

  1. Identifying the past stressful experiences responsible for the present physical ailments (the cause); and 

  2. Acknowledging and releasing the negative (stressful) feelings resulting from the individual perceptions of the relevant past stressful experience; and

  3. Consciously concluding/recognising the stressful event is in the past, and therefore cannot have an effect in the present (closure); 

A consciously and deliberately induced remission from the resulting physical ailment will be experienced.

What is required of research project participants?

Step 1: An online interview process – discussion- (Via Zoom, with Fiona) whereby they detail the nature of the chronic health condition. The impact it has had on their day to day life. The steps undertaken previously to gain relief. Any benefits resulting from past treatments. Any adverse impacts resulting from those past treatments. What they are hoping to achieve as a result of participating in the research project/study…. The desired benefits. How those benefits will improve their life. Estimated time frame for this zoom meeting is around 20 minutes, but will be adjusted accordingly to suit each persons individual needs.

Note: This zoom meeting will be recorded for our records but will not under any circumstances be used for any other purpose without your express permission!

Step 2: A private phone call (with James… in effect, a brief diagnostics session) to identify challenging past experiences that may (or may not) be directly responsible for the chronic physical health condition as discussed in the online interview process in step 1. It is anticipated the time taken for this call could be as long as an hour, but will be adjusted according to individual circumstances.

Note: This call will NOT be recorded.

Step 3: A face to face session (potentially a phone call or zoom meeting if that’s more convenient) to directly address the past challenging experiences identified in step 2. This process could be described as an exercise in “Practical Forgiveness”. 

Note: This would require approx 3-4 hours. This is an estimate only, and the time taken for each individual session will be adjusted according to the individual needs. These sessions/calls are NEVER recorded, however, as part of the research project/study, minimal notes may be taken for the purposes of documenting the generic nature of the stressful memories experienced. Your absolute privacy is assured at all times.

Step 4: A follow-up online interview- discussion- (via Zoom with Fiona) where the research project participant has the opportunity to describe their experience of the face to face session. Detail any improvements to the chronic health condition and the impact those benefits have had on their life moving forward.

NOTE 1: This zoom meeting will be recorded for our records. Ideally, the recording of this session may (or may not) form the basis of a testimonial to be used to encourage and inspire others. This will never be done without your express full approval. 

NOTE 2: If a spontaneous remission is not experienced as a result of the session in step 3. It doesn’t mean the process was ineffective, but more likely the challenging experiences identified in step 2 were not directly responsible for the chronic illness, or there are additional memories to be uncovered. If this is the case, further investigation will be required and steps 2 and 3 repeated.


The costs of being included in the study are being kept to an absolute minimum. The only cost you will incur is for the face to face session (Step 3). Even that is being heavily discounted. For a limited time the discounted cost will  be a one-off charge of $550.00 ($500 plus GST). This is a minimal charge to help cover wages and other ongoing costs associated with conducting the study. There will be no additional charges for any other involvement in the study.

Any travel and/or accomodation expenses you may incur are your own responsibility.

If you are experiencing an ongoing chronic illness, I hope you will consider becoming part of our research project. Please feel free to contact us for more information, and if you know of someone who may benefit, please share this information with them. It is not a requirement that they have attended one of our seminars, the study is open to anyone with a chronic health condition who is open minded enough to consider that stress does in fact cause illness, and different forms of stress manifest as different types of illness, and the “Practical Forgiveness” process is an effective means of not only achieving ‘closure’ on the past, but also of ‘letting it go’ once and for all. Not only will the results benefit everyone who participates, but we are hoping the data collected will benefit everyone as a whole, and put an end to the pointless, needless suffering of many. 

On behalf of Fiona, Michelle, and myself, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this document and I encourage you to share it with anyone you feel may benefit. 

Kind regards,

James Duncan.