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There are a couple of vital missing ingredients to successful and permanent weight loss.

Jenny Craig and weight watchers have absolutely no idea what these missing ingredients are. Your family doctor has no idea, your dietician has no idea, personal fitness trainers have no idea. Those that undergo surgery in a desperate last ditch attempt to lose weight have no idea. The surgeons that perform those operations have no idea. Medical and health insurance companies have no idea. Governments have no idea. The scientific communities that should have an idea are also totally clueless when it comes to effective and permanent weight loss.

They all seem to be able to help you lose weight to varying degree’s, but none of them can show you how to keep it off permanently. Think about it for a moment; how many people do you know that have done everything possible to lose weight and yet as soon they stop giving 100% effort to their new diet or gruelling exercise routine the weight comes back. They try the latest weight loss pills, weight loss shakes, they get into the latest exercise program, they do everything that the weight loss experts tell them to do and they only end up frustrated.

The number of people who actually lose the weight and keep it off is very small indeed. In fact it is less than .1% of people who attempt to lose weight. Why is this so? Why does everything we ever learned about weight loss seem like such a catastrophic failure?  And what the hell can be done about it?

Lets look honestly at these very important questions. Firstly, “Why is this so”? The short answer is simply this: They are all looking for the solution in the wrong place! Where is the evidence for such an outrageous claim?

Look no further than Opera Winfrey or Magda Szubanski. Both of them have had access to the best that modern weight loss techniques can offer. The best dieticians. The best weight loss pills. They best weight loss shakes. The best personal trainers. Both of them are highly motivated people who have given 100% effort to losing weight. Both of them were successful… for a while. Both of them regained the weight that they had worked so hard to lose. Doesn’t this prove that even the rich and famous don’t seem to be able to avoid the dreaded yo-yo diet?

It is standard advice by virtually everyone in the weight loss industry that to lose weight all you need to do is eat a balanced diet, get plenty of exercise and get your metabolism up. Clearly if this was the solution, we would all be skinny and we would stay skinny. If it really was that easy, the weight loss industry would be out of buisness!

They make it sound so simple. They also make you feel like a total failure when the weight comes back. Obviously those that fail have no will-power! Right?…WRONG!…What a complete load of rubbish. Magda Szubanski and Opera Winfrey have amazing amounts of will-power. So does anyone who ever “tuffed it out” to lose weight. The evidence would suggest that although will-power is a vital ingredient, it is not the only essential ingredient.

If the entire weight loss industry is looking in the wrong place, a fair question would be “Where is the right place to look”? The answer is simple, in your unconscious mind.

What most experts have never considered is the FACT that one of the parts within the unconscious part of your mind controlls your physical body. Science refers to this part of mind as the “Autonomic nervous system” It controls absolutely every function of the human body. It determines how much weight you gain and how much weight you lose. It controls your blood pressure, your breathing, your metabolism. Any function that is part of your “body” is controlled by your autonomic nervous system. I am very happy to prove this to you. Here is an interesting observable fact; The autonomic nervous system responds to stress. I am also happy to prove this to anyone that cares to ask.

When it is all said and done, weight gain is a stress response. If in doubt of that claim, simply look back on your life to the times of extreme stress, and notice how they correspond with an increase in your weight.

If weight gain is a stress response, and I can assure you it is, then wouldn’t it seem logical that if those stresses were effectively dealt with, weight loss would be the outcome? Yes and no. There is more to it than that. However, what none of the weight loss industry consider is the massively important need to resolve the stresses of the past. Put simply, unless you effectively deal with your “emotional baggage”, you are doomed to experience the yo-yo diet again and again.

The real challenge then becomes dealing “effectively” with your emotional baggage, even if you think you don’t have any. If you are overweight or have health issues of any kind, you can rest assured that you do have emotional baggage that needs to be dealt with. This is where hypnotherapy can be such a fantastic tool.

Interestingly enough, your autonomic nervous system can be reprogrammed to maintain a new weight. When this is achieved, you will officially end the yo-yo diet problem once and for all! The proof of that is in the results my clients have managed to get from doing the “SHRINK: Extreme Weight Loss” program. Check out some of the video clips on this site. The real issue is that very few people have a genuine understanding of how your mind works. They quite simply do not know what the various parts of your mind are, what functions they undertake, or why they undertake those functions. If you knew how your mind worked, losing weight and keeping it off would be a relatively simple exercise.

When you combine a number of approaches to weight loss, the results can be dramatic. Some of my clients have lost over 50kg in only a few months. The essential components are these: An understanding of why you gained weight in the first place, then dealing effectively with those “causes” An understanding of how your mind works and why, and then working with it instead of against it. Lastly you need an approach to eating that will help you lose a lot of weight very quickly. Does losing an average of half a kilo a day sound appealing?

By attending a “SHRINK: Extreme Weight Loss” workshop, you will learn all these things and more! These aren’t just tools to help you lose weight, they are tools for your whole life. You will be provided with the missing ingredients to weight loss. Would you like me to conduct a workshop in your area? That can be easily arranged! Just get a group of friends together; a dozen or so is ideal, then drop me a line and we can make it happen for you.

Lets re-address the original questions. Why do we struggle so much to lose weight, only to put it back on faster than we could lose it? Because the inner workings of your mind are not understood, the reasons you gained weight have not been identified and addressed, and current weight loss strategies do not address the need to retrain your autonomic nervous system to maintain your desired weight.

These are the very same reasons why everything you ever tried to date has been such a catastophic failure. What the hell can be done about it? Simply request that I organise a 2 day “SHRINK: Extreme Weight Loss” workshop near you; or attend one that has already been organised.

What are the ultimate missing ingredients to weightloss? Happiness, peace of mind and gratitude!

If you really want to get skinny; get happy, and get the tools that work. Then you can forget all about the latest weight loss pills designed to help you lose weight fast. You can save your money by not buying weight loss shakes or attending weight loss groups. You can give the fad diets a miss and start enjoying life. You can be in that tiny minority of people who lose weight permanently, and you can get on with being the best you that you can possibly be!

How fantastic, there really is hope after all.