Coaching Podcasts: Post Hibernation


Coaching Podcasts: Post Hibernation

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James has written and recorded these podcasts with the sole purpose of guiding and supporting you through each specific phase of the program.

Get ready to sit back and listen as James shares his pearls of wisdom, continually reminds you how to stay focused and get to your Brisvegas in the shortest possible timeframe.

Within this Post Hibernation podcast pack there are 3 folders as you can see here. It’s likely we will record another couple of episodes which will automatically be added to the purchase you have via Podbean.

  1. Start Here has 3 episodes
  2. Post Hibernation has 3 episodes
  3. Insights & Actions has 1 episode for now, more may be added soon.
Start Here: Episodes:

Duration (mins)

Post Hibernation Intro


How to Start You Day


How to End Your Day – Get Closure


Total for Start Here

34 mins

Post Hibernation Episodes:

Duration (mins)

Post Hibernation Week 1


Post Hibernation Week 2


Post Hibernation Week 3 & Ongoing


Total Post Hibernation

19 mins

Insights & Actions Episodes:

Duration (mins)

Life After Brisvegas


Total Insights & Actions

11 mins

Total  7 episodes, 64 mins


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